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Keyword research

Before you begin any website project, you need to know the market. Which is the best search term? What search terms are being searched for? Wouldn’t it be good to know which search term to focus on so that you can rank highly in Google and be found?

We have tools that can come up with 200 alternative related search terms, how many people are searching for them in the last month, local and global, as well as tell you how many competing sites there are, the percentage OCI (Online Commercial Intent), the average number of backlinks (links from other sites linking to yours) and the likelihood of you being able to rank highly in search engines.

Basic Keyword Search
Give us a search term and we’ll provide a summary report of the best related terms, the number of global and local searches, number of competing sites, OCI (Online Commercial Intent), MOB (Measure of Backlinks), SOC (Strength of Competition)

Full Keyword Search Report
As above, but get the full report of all 200 related terms, (number of global and local searches, number of competing sites for all 200, OCI, MOB and SOC for top 10 terms.

Websites and Squeeze Pages

A successful online marketing strategy feeds quality prospects into your sales funnel using an array of tactics and strategies. We work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them implement their internet marketing strategies in the most effective time efficient way. Below are some techniques that we assist with.

Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages have the sole purpose of collecting email addresses of people who are interested in what you have to offer. In return for their email address you give them something for free, like a free report or free teleseminar. The squeeze page copy and the domain name (which isn’t necessarily your main brochure website name) needs to be search engine optimised so that it ranks highly in search results using keywords that are frequently searched with little competition. There are no other links to distract interested readers or give them the opportunity to click away.

Free Report

The Free Report is usually delivered by an autoresponder as a PDF as a result of someone visiting the squeeze page and signing up for it. The Free Report is your opportunity to show that you have knowledge and expertise to your prospect, share useful information and at the same time persuade potential new clients to take the next step towards becoming a paying client. The Free Report should have a link to a Sales Page.

Sales Pages

Sales pages are similar to squeeze pages, in that they do not have links to distract or provide opportunities to click away. There should be no more than one product per sales page. The sales copy is written with sole purpose to sell a product online. Prospects landing on this page will already be warm as they’ve come through the Squeeze Page and had your Free Report or Teleseminar. The sales page has a “buy now” button which should automatically generate an invoice and email the product (usually an e-book) or phone details if the product is being delivered by teleseminar. This part is usually handled automatically by a shopping cart.

Blog Web Site

A blog website is a more dynamic alternative to brochure websites. Search engines like fresh content so by blogging regularly with tips and nuggets that use your keywords keeps your site ranking higher than a static brochure site. There should, of course, be links to all your squeeze and sales pages and there should also be about, services and testimonial pages. As it’s updatability is key, we set up a blog website that you can update yourself without having to instruct anyone with specialised knowledge.

Keeping in Touch with your Contacts

Having built up a database, it’s important to keep communicating, maintaining and building up the relationship. Whilst some people can make an instant decision to buy from you, others take much longer and a regular newsletter is a great tool for cultivating that relationship.

Newsletters Package

  • To set up and personalise a newsletter template that is in keeping with your website branding- just £97

Supplementary Set-up Additions:

  • To format and upload your existing Outlook database – just £45 per 100 contacts

Supplementary Delivery Additions:

  • To format and send out a monthly newsletter (up to 1500 words no images) – just £52 per month
  • To format and send out an E-blast (up to 100 words no images) – just £30 per e-blast
  • Images provided – add £5 per image
  • Image sourcing – add £10 per image

Includes providing open-rate reports run 1 day and 1 week after scheduled delivery.

Driving Traffic

Social media, directories, forums and articles are low-cost techniques to find and attract prospects interested in your service or products and get them into your sales funnel i.e. on your database/mailing list via your squeeze page so you can pitch to them via your newsletters and e-blasts. We can assist with the set up and implementing your social media strategy.

Article Submission

We can research suitable article directories and submit your articles to them. Each article directory has different submission requirements, so we make sure that we comply with each as well as make sure there are backward links to your squeeze page.

  • Keyword research – £47
  • Format article for submission £45
  • Article submission – £20 per article directory

Social Media

We can set up, create profiles and link accounts in your name in the following:

  • Twitter – £35
  • Facebook – £35
  • Linked In – £55
  • Ecademy – £55

Online Free Directories

We can source and set up listings in free directories – £45 per hour


We can source suitable forums and threads with suitable topics that you can respond to – £45 per hour

Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys are another useful low-cost tool to gauge interest in a service or product you’re thinking of launching. A poll usually asks one question to which you can provide restricted answers participants can vote on. After they’ve voted they can see the result and you can see how many people have taken part and how they’ve voted.

  • To set up a poll and provide code for website – £47 per poll

Our Commitment

Whichever package combination you choose we will always:-

  • Provide the most efficient use of time and resources;
  • Pay attention to detail and accuracy;
  • Impart and share our experience and knowledge;
  • Deliver what we promise in good time ; and,
  • Add a generous helping of pixy dust to make you and your business look fantastic.

What next?

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