Using the internet to get more sales leads

17 06 2010

My Cash Rich Time Rich partner, Louise Heasman, and I ran a free preview webinar on Tuesday where we shared a really easy and cheap to implement technique that generates more quality leads.

The preview event was a taster for the 4 week programme that starts Tuesday 22nd June.

There’s enough information on the preview event that you could take away and apply yourself (or give to a VA like me!), or sign up for the programme to be hand held through the process.

check out for more information


Idiot’s Guide to Building Your Own Website

4 01 2010

Idiots Web Building Guide logoJust finished putting my first product together….

Idiot’s Step by Step Illustrated Guide to Building a REALLY Great Website (and Save Hundreds and Thousands of Pounds)

This guide shows you step by step how to build your own website, using a free webhosting tool called WordPress. WordPress was originally designed as a free blogging tool, however a lot of web designers have come to recognise that its flexibility lends itself very well to building websites as well as blogs. WordPress has a number of features, like connections with social media and search engines so that you don’t have to manually submit your site to them, as well as mini-applications, called Widgets, which you can easily add to your website, making it look really professional and expensive.

After just 2 to 3 hours working through this guide for the first time, You’ll have a two page website, with the knowledge of how to amend existing pages and add more pages.

You don’t need any previous web experience or coding knowledge as it’s all provided in my step by step idiot’s guide.

Check out the Products page for more info