My Super VA, a specialist virtual internet marketing support service was founded by Vee in 2006. Originally set up to provide online secretarial services, with the huge technological advances in web and online marketing in the last few years, Vee found herself helping entrepreneurs and small business owners implement their internet marketing strategies, from email newsletter campaigns to autoresponders and sign up boxes, selling information products, blogs, websites and shopping carts.

Vee’s one of those rare people with an instinctive understanding of what makes a business tick and what can make it tick even better. She absorbs relevant information like a sponge and has the knack of seeing straight through a problem to the solution.

Recently, Vee was instrumental in developing systems and processes that helped The Athena Network grow from a 30 group women’s network organisation to the national franchised operation it is today.

Prior to setting up her own business, Vee spent over twenty years sorting the schedules, soothing the brows and smoothing the path of grateful businessmen and women from senior corporate sector management to single trader enterprises.

Her last (employee) position was senior Personal Assistant and Office Manager, for ten years with a listed multi-national, multi-million turnover plc. During her time there she was responsible for a number of time and cost saving initiatives and became known for her ability to organise anything, within budget and on time. She also designed and implemented the group’s web site at a time when the internet was in its infancy. The company moved through various stages, being delisted in an MBO followed by a planned strategy of re-grouping and strengthening, Vee then worked with the directors in their successful planned exit strategy.

As My Super VA has grown, so has Vee’s hand-picked team of associates, a select and formidably efficient band who are experts in the field of internet marketing and now provide the perfect virtual office solution.

To have Vee and her team onboard as full time staff members simply wouldn’t make cost effective sense.

To not use them as an on-line virtual office support and resource would be plain daft.

Office truism: Behind every successful business person is an even more successful PA!

Vee is a member of VAMC (Virtual Assistants Mastery Club) and the IAVA


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