Oxbni – Amazing add-on Tool for Outlook

22 03 2009

Check this amazing tool out, called oxbni (inbox spelt in reverse).

You download it and it installs itself in Outlook and sits on the right of the viewing panel. After it's indexed all your emails, it does some very clever stuff.

It's linked to Facebook and LinkedIn, so any information that's stored publicly there you can see immediately. For example, when I've selected an email, any pictures that are on that person's Facebook or LinkedIn profile appear in the Xobni panel.

It also tracks all the email exchanges and file exchanges you've had with that email address/person, save you hours hunting for past correspondence.

And best of all, it's free!

One footnote to add, is you need to be very careful what you reveal on social websites like Facebook…. anyone, including prospective clients, get to see it, so make sure it's something you don't mind anyone and everyone seeing/knowing about you!