How to Blog for Business

4 09 2008

I gave a talk today at the Beaconsfield Athena meeting about blogging
for business, so what an
appropriate place to reiterate my top tips!

  1. Focus – decide who you're writing for – it might be clients,
    suppliers, associates/employees
  2. Frequency – the success of a good blog is keep the reader interested
    with frequent posts and more importantly, frequency helps your search
    engine rankings – so include blogging as part of your marketing
    strategy and schedule some time in your diary to do it
  3. Keywords – help the search engines find you – litter your narrative
    with your keywords that you want to be found by
  4. Expertise – portray yourself as the expert in your field – after all
    you are, aren't you? Comment on industry news, related books, case
    studies, top tips, even tv programmes
  5. Style – keep your writing style chatty but business-like – as if you
    are chatting with a business contact over coffee.

by Vee Smith