How Virtual Assistants can make the most of strategic alliances

27 05 2008

Today at Athena Kings Langley's meeting, the business support topic was about how small businesses can team up with with other complementary businesses and extend their product/service range. It's called Strategic Alliance Partnerships. This works well with Virtual Assistants. Virtual assistants usually bill by the hour, so, on your own, the virtual assistant's earning capacity is limited by how many hours you are available. Entrepreneurial virtual assistants recognise this and strategic alliances are a way of augmenting their income. Instead of just offering admin services, virtual assistants can be likened to the project manager in the corporate world who delegates tasks to the most appropriate person. So become the one-stop virtual business service for your clients by teaming up with other businesses who might have the same client profile as yours. You suddenly open yourself up to more prospects, as well as offer more services to your existing clients, that you wouldn't have the skills to do on your own, for example, web design and telemarketing are two disciplines that I don't have expertise in myself, but on my team are 3 experienced telemarketers and a web designer. Today at the Athena meeting, there was a brilliant copywriter who would be a great addition to my services, and we're going to meet up. So watch this space…..




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