How Athena Networking has helped boost my confidence

7 05 2008

I chaired my first Athena meeting yesterday at the Amersham Tuesday group.
Being a member of Athena has been really great for not just my
business, but a huge boost to my confidence. I’m enjoying some great
supportive friendships. When I think back to this time last year when I
attended my first Athena meeting, what a quivering shy thing I was,
absolutely dreading the moment when I would have to stand up and
deliver my monthly minute!

didn’t seem to make any difference that even though I had been working
behind the scenes with Athena’s admin for nearly a year and knew all
about networking, when it came to actually delivering the minute I was
bricking it! I remember being so worried that no-one would take me
seriously. I couldn’t concentrate on anything much that was being said
in the first part of the meeting and it got even worse when the monthly
minutes started being delivered! All I could do was count down the
ladies until it was my turn! And then, after I’d said my prepared
piece, it took the time of a few more ladies to deliver their minutes
for me to recover and get my heart rate back to normal and feel like I
could actively listen to what was going on!


Now, a year on, not only do I look forward to delivering my minute, but here I am chairing the meeting!




2 responses

4 09 2008

I like this topic because once I feel that type of fellings.I advise who stand and send their messages they must have confidense,after he suggested himself everyone is same to me.I agree the Athena Networking.

4 09 2008

Thanks for your comments Jack. I think what you’re saying is to remember that you are as good and worthy as anyone else in the room. Another key thing that helps me is to be prepared and know your stuff inside out and be passionate about what it is you’re going to talk about.

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