Why did I become a Virtual PA?

28 04 2008

I often get asked why I became a Virtual Assistant. I’d spent over 20 years working as a PA (Personal Assistant) to  various  Directors, and probably  a third of that time in my car travelling to and from work, dropping off my girls at the different places they had to go, nursery, childminder, hitting all the school runs on the way to work, then same again back home, frequently getting back home around 7pm. I loved my job, but hated the journey and how tired it made me, and that I hardly had any quality time with my girls, let alone me. A good chunk of my salary went on childcare. I really wanted work that was much closer to home without dropping my income, was as fulfilling, and, be able to pick up my girls from school and have dinner at 6pm not 8pm. I read in various PA magazines about virtual assistants and that seemed to fit in with the lifestyle that I wanted. I did my due diligence, called a few VA’s to check how they were doing, and more importantly, did it pay, how soon was it before they started to get clients and earn money. So, then an opportunity arose, that usually most people would think of as a major stress causing catastrophe…. Redundancy!

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National VA Conference 2008

27 04 2008

I was one of the many Virtual PA’s that descended on Milton Keynes for the 2nd National VA Conference and Awards ceremony on 19th April 2008.  Virtual PA’s from as far as Ireland, North of England and South of England joined together for a day of workshops, networking and speakers about topics every virtual pa is interested in. "Confident and Powerful Networking for
Women in Business”
by Karen Skidmore, Can Do Can
"Creating a Synergy Between You and Your
by Susie Barron-Stubley of Castalia Coaching, "Take Control, Make More Money & Set
Yourself Financially Free"
by Nicola Cairncross, The Money Gym.
Last year’s winner, Alexia Padgham, gave an inspiring talk about how winning the award had impacted on her and her business.
And then we had time to network. Among many, I met Angela Dawson, who’s a fellow member of the IAVA and regular CyberChatter, Athena members – Ingrid Griffin (North Cotswolds), Gerry Hyde  (Maidenhead), fellow Herts VA XChange – Kim Norris, newbies from Herts – Mary Moody & Alison Murray who are going to join our VA XChange group.

Came away feeling somewhat exhausted, much enlightened, goody-bag in my paw and a very sore bum from sitting still for so long!

Welcome to Virtual PA Blog

27 04 2008

Hi, welcome. This is the blog for Vee Smith, Virtual PA.  Here I will share my nuggets about  everything worth knowing about in the virtual PA world, how I set up as a virtual pa, what works, what doesn’t, what must-have’s every virtual pa should have and know.
Watch this space……