Virtual Assistants on making Businesses more Profitable

9 09 2010

Lean and economic times call sometimes for desperate measures as business strive more than ever to streamline and increase profitability. In order to achieve this some business owners make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves, but is this wise?

The business owner is responsible for generating new revenue for their business. As the business grows, so do administrative tasks. The more time spent IN the business on administrative tasks, the less time spent ON the business generating more sales and planning its growth.

Surely the business owner’s time is not best spent on all the small (but important) administrative tasks necessary in running a successfully business. More and more prudent business owners are delegating the less profitable tasks by hiring a virtual assistant, whose hourly rate is somewhat less than the business owner’s real financial worth.

Virtual assistants are the 21st Century equivalent of the personal assistant of the 20th Century. They provide administrative and secretarial assistance, when required. they are self-employed, so there are no employer’s responsibilities like PAYE, National Insurance, tax, sick pay, maternity leave, paid holiday or benefits packages. Best of all, because they work from their own premises, there’s no need to provide virtual assistants with any office space, desk or equipment, ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs who operate their business from their home which means they don’t loose privacy or space.

As more and more businesses move their marketing and communications to the Internet, Virtual Assistants are becoming the obvious solution to staffing issues. For an hourly fee often less than the cost of temps or the real cost of employees, businesses can take advantage of professional assistance and a variety of skills at the click of a mouse.

Work assignments are communicated through email. The use of telephone, fax or post and web-based tools is also a means of keeping in touch.

Typical tasks outsourced include returning telephone calls, answering e-mails and drafting letters. They also run their diaries, manage event bookings, run marketing and email campaigns, design presentations, source and book flights, proof-read and beautify documentation.

Some virtual assistants are highly specialised in particular areas including marketing support, e-newsletters, web design, squeeze pages and e-commerce.

There’s no doubt that having virtual assistance is a time-management tool. With the support of a good one, business image is enhanced, the business runs smoother and more efficiently which means greater productivity. Business owners can focus on what is important, rather than urgent, leaving them more time to work ON their business rather than IN it. For some it means regaining their evenings and weekends.


Using the internet to get more sales leads

17 06 2010

My Cash Rich Time Rich partner, Louise Heasman, and I ran a free preview webinar on Tuesday where we shared a really easy and cheap to implement technique that generates more quality leads.

The preview event was a taster for the 4 week programme that starts Tuesday 22nd June.

There’s enough information on the preview event that you could take away and apply yourself (or give to a VA like me!), or sign up for the programme to be hand held through the process.

check out for more information

Idiot’s Guide to Building Your Own Website

4 01 2010

Idiots Web Building Guide logoJust finished putting my first product together….

Idiot’s Step by Step Illustrated Guide to Building a REALLY Great Website (and Save Hundreds and Thousands of Pounds)

This guide shows you step by step how to build your own website, using a free webhosting tool called WordPress. WordPress was originally designed as a free blogging tool, however a lot of web designers have come to recognise that its flexibility lends itself very well to building websites as well as blogs. WordPress has a number of features, like connections with social media and search engines so that you don’t have to manually submit your site to them, as well as mini-applications, called Widgets, which you can easily add to your website, making it look really professional and expensive.

After just 2 to 3 hours working through this guide for the first time, You’ll have a two page website, with the knowledge of how to amend existing pages and add more pages.

You don’t need any previous web experience or coding knowledge as it’s all provided in my step by step idiot’s guide.

Check out the Products page for more info

16 12 2009

VAs are the new PAs | Life & Style

27 10 2009

Check out this article about VA’s in the Evening Standard

VAs are the new PAs | Life & Style.

For when you’re feeling overwhelmed with work

17 10 2009

We’ve all been there at some point.

So many tasks to do, no time to do them all and your head is just bursting trying to not forget all the things you need to do that you end up with a massive headache, you retire to be having done nothing!

This is the time to write those tasks down. In fact I find it useful to keep a notepad near my bedside to jot down the things I must remember when they pop into my head. It’s like removing the thought out of my head on to the pad, leaving me free to sleep easy!

Gather up all the tasks and to do’s and grade them into Important and Urgent, Urgent but not important, Important but not Urgent, and Not Important and Not Urgent.

Now turn them into a check list, with the Important and Urgent at the top.

This helps keep you focused when you get interrupted by phone calls or emails or other interruptions. Decide where on the scale that interruption is and add it to the check list at the appropriate level.

As you complete each task, tick it off. It’s very satisfactory at the end of the day to see how much you’ve managed to tick off.

Any tasks not completed that day can be put on a fresh list for the next day.

VA Survey

14 09 2009

Virtual Assistant survey that all VA's should participate in. Participants get a copy of the survey and it's always useful to use as a benchmark to see how you're fairing against fellow VA's.

Click Here to Take the 2009 Virtual Assistant Industry Survey